Evolution of my Journey

Evolution of my Journey

Today is day 9 of Asylum 
Workout Vertical plyo and relief 

I decided I combined tomorrow and today together to get my stretch on early and I guess now I will do Game day tomorrow and then on Thursday I will rest sense I will be getting my new tattoo! If I feel like stretching might do some stretches we will see how I feel and what time I have. So still on track. I really enjoyed the relief stretches I feel like help stretch out my legs which were getting tight from all exercise and walking from work.  



So uh, I haven’t seen this on my dash, but check out this kickstarter!

They’re waterballoons that SELF TIE, make a HUNDRED at a time, AND AND they’re biodegradablee!! Seriously why isn’t this all over my dash yet??

They’ve already reached WAY over their goal, but you can still get some early bird deliveries for an early start of the water balloon madness!

this omfg

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If you can work out with no headphones, you are a different kind of beast. And I admire you.

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You are not a burden.

You are not a bother.

You enhance the lives of others.

People smile, not groan, when you text them.

Your voice.

Your presence.

You, matter.

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