Evolution of my Journey

Evolution of my Journey

Anonymous asked: How much weight do u use? Thanks

It depends on the exercise and I mark it down on my workout sheet which I have on my most recent workout post but my weights selection is any where from 15,20,25,30 lbs and some resistance bands which give me some the strange weight numbers like 8 and 13 lbs of resistance

Anonymous asked: Oh so for example on deadlift i do 15 reps with 20, 12 rep with 25, 8 reps with 30, and 8 reps with 25?

Reps 15 12 8 8
Dead lifts 20 25 30 25

This is how I’d have set up on my work out sheet I hope this makes sense

Anonymous asked: Hey can you explain the workout sheet ? Im confused

What do want to know ? The work shirts have the exercises on it and on the top the sheet it has the rep count and I will write in the weight amount under each exercise and to keep it straight I do them in different colors hence the dates near the top. I hope this makes things more clear..


i haven’t been to subway in 2 years cos the woman went “what bread do you want” and i went “yeah”

I haven’t gone to local coffee shop in 6 month because I order a chai and the barista asked, ” Do you want it hot or cold” and I said, ” yes”

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Day 3 of body beast

Workout : Back and Bis

Had a great workout today only thing is I wish I would have workout before instead of after… Otherwise felt some great bis pump and my back was looking great hence the photos. I want to try and push myself some more to improve my pull up and chin ups otherwise I am pretty happy with all my other exercise

Today is day 2 of Body Beast

Workout : Build Legs

The Superman Shorts are from 2 months ago and other two photos are from today in the Simpson shorts

Had a really great workout felt like did a great job at push myself. Looking forward to see what will be headed in the future. I am thinking going for a long walk sense it still really nice out and apparently going to rain and possible snow the next two days.

Anonymous asked: Oh my fucking GOD, I used to see your photos everyday (and get kinda jealous of your motivation) and for whatever reason I haven't been seeing them as much lately, probably because I log on later.. Anyway I just stumbled on your recent one, maaan have you made progress jeez! I actually did a double take at you, well done!

Thank you and you can always check my tag progress not every thing in that tag is a photo of me but most if not all my photos are on there as well my daily fitness journals.


Today is day 1 of Body Beast

Workout: Build Chest and Tris

This was a great 40 minute workout with how the sets are set up it makes the workout go by pretty fast. I felt like I did a pretty good job at maintain my progress sense the last time I did this workout sense I was able to meet or beat my rep counts and for some moves step it up on the weights. Only back slide on a few reps for a move here and there; so I am feeling pretty good.

Wow guys thanks for all the likes, reblogs and positive words ;)